Top Wechat Accounts Value


In 2014, Tencent’s mobile revenue achieved 22.171 billion yuan (US$3.571 billion) with the advancement of WeChat. Presently WeChat and Weibo are the two most dynamic versatile applications in China. WeChat is a moderately new application contrasted and Weibo, yet it far beat weibo in the quantity of clients and month to month use.



Top Wechat Account Value

WeChat has turned into an important piece of China versatile mobile‘ life, and it has affected them everyday life from numerous angles. It can play the part as an instant messenger and long range of social networking platform. Individuals can speak with others at whatever time they like, and share with buddies what they did, what they like, what is attractive… WeChat Official Accounts contribute a considerable measure in this procedure. WeChat official records incorporate intimately with friends circle; 20% WeChat consumers read news or messages through Official Accounts while 80% others would read in Moments. At the point when shared much of the time, it would be examined more. As indicated by iReseach, 6 messages/articles were examined by WeChat consumers all things considered every day; 4% WeChat consumers even read 20 and more for each day.

Official Accounts play the part as associating with all, people could link to news, organizations or services by tracking Official Accounts (including service accounts, membership records) or Enterprise Accounts.

About portion of WeChat authority accounts consumers had 6 to 15 official records. Most consumers view it as a valuable tool, and they can utilize it as indicated by their own advantages. 88.9% consumers will suggest Official Accounts to their families or friends, and right around 99% consumers will take after more official records.


WeChat is progressively enhancing itself; new components permit users to pay for products, duties, benefits and interface with PCs, recordings and so forth in a less demanding way. For instance, interpretation of WeChat Moments posts, quick sending photographs while in chat, and bringing in chat history to new photographs. In China, just about 330 million individuals by and large utilize WeChat consistently, of which WeChat Official Account consumers have taken up 79.3%. With the advancement of mobile internet data and helpful versatile hardware, consumers spend more time in WeChat surfing or discussing. Sponsors could grab this chance to promote their items.

Automotive promoting is dynamic on the stage of WeChat.

As of late, numerous car promotions have shown up on WeChat, consumers’ remarks and sharing could help them achieve more consumers. WeChat Traffic, an authority account of WeChat, which can give a moment of examination of street movement, vehicle violation inquiry, activity cameras etc, has turned into a typical stage for car promotion. Here are a few similes between WeChat Traffic and other car data applications.

WeChat Traffic and other Official Accounts have collected a substantial number of car proprietors who need to change or purchase another auto. About 80% car proprietors pre-arrange auto insurance through WeChat Traffic, significantly more than different accounts or applications. About 70% of WeChat traffic consumers are male, and 93% of them are 25 years of age or above. High education consumers make up of 78%, higher than others.

With new advancement and change in WeChat, more consumers would be pulled into WeChat and authority accounts, which could be a decent open door for promoters. 


The valuation of Wechat account depends on upon these three major conditions:

Type of account

The higher the acquiring force of the devotees, the higher is the valuation. A WeChat account concentrated top of the line way of life exercises like golf, luxury autos, and fine dining is probably going to have a higher valuation than a record concentrated on engaging the secondary school understudies.

Furthermore, a vertical industry account, which means a record in a particular industry, is likewise more inclined to get a higher valuation than a record posting extremely broad news. For instance, an account about luxuriousness of watch sale can straightforwardly integrate the entire business cycle, from publicizing, to e-trade, to O2O change, inside WeChat.

User base

The center of this venture wave is on record with more than 500 thousand followers.

View rate

View rate is the most reliable metric for a wide range of WeChat accounts. The regular cut-off score of an excellent record is around 15% of view rate inside 24 hours of article posting. This implies if a WeChat account has 100 million clients, the perspective of the principal article should be more than 15 million.

For records satisfying the above three criteria, the valuation on a for each consumer premise is between 30 to 80 RMB.


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