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Analysis of L’Occitane Marketing Strategy in China

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L’Occitane is a French skincare company founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan. The company includes several brands such as L’Occitane in Provence, Le Couvent des Minimes, Melvita, L’Occitane au Brésil and Erborian. All of their products are made it with natural ingredients.

L’Occitane expanded its business to China in 2005 and currently is one of the most popular luxury cosmetic brands in China.

However, its success in China has an origin and a strategy behind it.

Thanks to digital marketing strategies, the French beauty brand is well known among Chinese consumers and its products are considered as some of the best cosmetics in the world.


L’Occitane knows that e-commerce in China is the key of the success due to the increasing willingness of Chinese consumers to purchase products online.

The first of December, the cosmetic brand launched its online store on with the aim to increase its sales. Even though L’Occitane began selling via Tmall last December, its products had been accessible on this online marketplace since a while by third-party vendors.

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However, some of the items sold by third-party vendors came from the gray-market and were bought outside of China and sold to buyers on Tmall. In order to finish with gray-market products and control the brand products that are sold via online, L’Occitane decided to open its own Tmall store. With this initiative, the French brand is the only authorized seller of L’Occitane products and ensures quality cosmetics to Chinese consumers.

Social media platforms:

L’occitane is aware of the potential of Chinese social media platforms. In order to take advantage the power of social networks, the brand has built a strong presence on them with the purpose to reach a huge number of consumers and interact and engage them.

Through Weibo, the brand introduces its products to its fans in order to get their opinion and at the same time launches many marketing campaigns on the social platform. As well, the French cosmetic brand has an active presence on WeChat.

The French skincare brand L’Occitane en Provence also launched a campaign on WeChat called “Your Dream Travel Destination” (Chinese: 梦想目的地). The participants had to share on L’Occitane’s WeChat account what are their dream destinations with the purpose to win the brand’s travel collection.

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L’Occitane launched a combined campaign on Wechat and Weibo, encouraging its followers to send New Year’s messages to their loved ones. Through WeChat, the participants had to provide the Weibo account names of the addressees to deliver their New Year’s messages. During 3 days, the brand selected one message and shared it on Weibo every evening at 20:14. Participants whose messages were selected were awarded gifts.

In order to promote its new product “Lavender Pillow Mist”, the high-end cosmetic brand created on Weibo a campaign title “irresistible sleepiness” (#挡不住的睡意#). Participants who posted a photo of a “sleeping beauty” accompanied with @罗旺斯欧舒丹 had the chance to win a surprise gift from L’Occitane.

l'occitane weibo

In China, it is essential to companies develop digital marketing strategies due to the importance that Chinese consumers give them.

Chinese consumers are constantly connected via social networks, and they give a huge importance to the information they find on them. Therefore it is vital for brands have presence in Chinese social platforms to increase the brand awareness and improve communication with consumers.

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