How Lancôme seduced Chinese women

2014 was a year of awards for the cosmetic brand Lancôme. The French brand has been elected best digital performance by L2’s beauty report on Digital IQ Index in China over 84 global and local brands. Lancôme was also ranked 20th in China’s top 20 cosmetics brands according to China Internet Watch.

Here is how the brand earned its place in Chinese women’s heart:

A Pioneer all over the country

Lancôme is the leader of L’Oreal Luxe, a division created by the French Cosmetics giant to sell its high-end products. Lancôme owns over 169 shops in more than 80 cities all over China and plans to double that number within a few years. The brand started to sell its products in Chinese megacities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. But the brand quickly started to expand in lower-tier cities.

stand lancome shanghai

Lancôme leads the cosmetics market when it comes to bring luxury products into more rural areas of China. It all started with Hangzhou in 1997, “since then the Hangzhou store has been one of the most successful Lancôme outlets in the world” according to Stephane Rinderknech, vice-president of L’Oreal China. In 2013 the brand opened stores in Jiaxing province. Chinese customers are thankful to Lancôme for being the first company to bring luxury beauty products to them.

Position on the web

Lancôme was one of the first brands to be present on the Chinese Internet. The brand developed an efficient digital strategy that enables it to stay close to their customers.

E-commerce website

Lancôme opened its own e-commerce website in 1999, on which the brand introduced cash on delivery system.

Social networks

Lancôme has a strong presence on several Chinese platforms such as:  Weibo, WeChat, Kaixin and Renren. The brand asked key opinion leaders to illustrate their use products of the brand on social networks platforms. The opinion leaders used many photos and videos to demonstrate the use and the quality of Lancôme products.

weibo lancome


This smart use of KOLs enabled the brand to influence online communities really fast and to gain a strong brand image and e-reputation, the keys to success in China.


Lancôme also launched its own forum, which is very close to being a social network. Rose Beauty has more than 4 million users, both consumers and professional makeup artists that are very active on the platform.  For example 45% of the forum posts received more than 5 comments. Users of Rose Beauty can find beauty tips and information about the brand, the products, and events.

Rose beauty lancome

Thanks to this triple digital strategy applied to the Internet, Lancôme built one of the biggest online communities in the cosmetics field in China.

Marketing Campaigns


Lancôme wants to promote the image of eternal beauty. To do so, the brand choses muses to appear on television commercials and photographic advertisement. Well-known and appreciated celebrities are appearing in the brand’s advertisement in China, such as Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet… The Chinese consumers especially liked the choice of Emma Watson to promote Lancôme’s products in China. Her white skin and pretty face reflected purity and the image of timeless beauty that Lancôme claims.

Lancôme bus


In order to introduce new products to second and third cities, Lancôme created a bus to make a promotional tour in China.

Who is Rose Beauty Girl?

Another campaign was launched by Lancôme to find a member of their forum who posted a really emotional message to the team of the brand. It said that “Lancôme enriched her life and made her more beautiful”.  More than 100,000 people took part in the campaign to find the Rose beauty girl, who was finally found. ..

2014 Chinese New Year

For the 2014’s Chinese New Year, Lancôme made a film designed for the Chinese market.  Entirely shut in 3D this film is based on the technique of Janzhi, the Chinese art of cutting paper.

All of Lancôme’s marketing campaigns have in common the fact they bring the brand closer to its consumers and also bring press coverage in the process, a win-win strategy!

Lancôme is customer-focused.  The brand keeps a close relationship with them through Chinese social networks platforms and marketing campaigns.  On top of that, the brand has a pioneer image because it was the first brand to bring luxury cosmetics products to lower-tier cities. These are the reasons why the brand is so popular among its Chinese customers.

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  1. Very good content! Lancôme is still very popular in 2020 and managed to stay at the top of luxury cosmetics brands in China and fight the competition

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