10 Marketing Tips for your Fashion Brand in China

You want to market your Fashion Brand in China  ? Your clothes are the brand that represents your personality and also your social status in the society you live. So, branding is the far most important factor while establishing your business, especially in the fashion industry. Let’s just discuss some of the other key branding benefits in detail.


Brand Association

One thing that should keep in mind while establishing your brand is to associate your brand with the target customers. Brand association is the sole factor that will guarantee you the retention of your clients. A few examples of this brand association are the conversion of brands names in the Chinese market, where coca cola sell by the name of “Kele” meaning fun, while “Rui Bu” is the Chinese converted name of Reebok which means fast steps. So, the main concept behind this discussion is that Chinese are the nation which searches for brands with which they can associate or which represent their values.


Today’s generation is e-generation, which depend on their smartphones for everything. The same fits when it comes to the fashion industry and the establishment of fashion brands. The best example in this regard is that of Burberry.

  • Burberry invest in Digital

Burberry keeps its brand updated with the changing technology, furthermore with the Weibo’s account Burberry perform a terrific social media campaign. It successfully reached to its one million customers/followers and thus maintain its luxury position. The websites like Fashion.sohu.com and Haibao.com are really influential among the youth of China when comes the discussion of latest fashion trends. These sites update you not only about the latest fashion but also about what the celebrities are aspiring as fashion. Moreover, the website of Vogue is considered the real authentic site for the education of fashion to the chines nation.

Style Influences

When we talk about fashion, the leading celebrities are considered the key influential factor in changing the people perception about anything. The Chinese taste about the latest trends got influenced by what celebrities are wearing.

China influencers Fashion Brand in China

Given below is the picture of the new fashion sensation of China Liu Wen, wearing “Bombers jacket” which has a great impact of the latest fashion trend.

Fashion Brand in China

E-Media Tool : be efficient

The best and the efficient tool for the promotion of your brand is to advertise it on TV. You promote your brand either in the form of storytelling or fashion shows, you for sure catch the attention of the customers. The main logic behind the advertisement through electronic media is to pour it into the brains of the people, and when something got into the head, then you thought about it while shopping and that is the prime goal.

  • Other Examples here

The best suitable example is yet again that of Burberry, whose video campaign known as Burberry Celebrates London in Shanghai gain much importance. The idea was to combine the fashion shows with the story telling to associate your brand with the people.

Beauty social media China

Customer Loyalty

For the Chinese nation, if your label is known for a large section then you are trustworthy, and in return, you will attain a large customer base. The last point of this discussion is to increase the brand loyalty among the Chinese customers you have to build the brands awareness among them, and this can only be possible with the assistance of tools mentioned above. With all these tools you can create the brand awareness and attain the trust of your audience.

Tips For Online Brand Marketing Through a Website

Website are very crucial for increasing sales and promoting brands in China because majority of Chinese consumers use internet to browse different brands.  The initial step to an online nearness in the Chinese market is having a site. Your site ought to productively speak to your design extravagance brand and present certain qualities appropriate to your image values: Storytelling, items, organization’s history, physical stores assuming any. Here are some different tips to guarantee that you have the most astounding quality conceivable:

  • Have your site deciphered in Chinese
  • Use just top notch pictures
  • Provide important substance (item data, confirmations, organization’s history, and so forth.)
  • Make it responsive (a responsive plan that will adjust to any electronic gadgets, for example, cell phones and tablets)

Fashion Brand in China

On the off chance that you need the Chinese clients to put stock in the high caliber of your items, you should demonstrate them just excellent visuals. You can utilize studio taken pictures or even post recordings. Online video publicizing is turning out to be increasingly famous as a result of TV plugs high costs and the way that half of the Chinese populace is associated with the web. In view of Emarketer’s information, around 13% of the aggregate advanced promotion income in 2016. It has been estimated that 40 billion US dollars of computerized publicizing spending are allotted to online versatile video publicizing.

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  • A great article. The Basics of “Fashion Marketing” is feeling.

    Fashion marketing is the branch deals with the advertising of clothing and accessories to the target market. … They need to be able to plan, design and coordinate ads that will reach the masses, and entice them to buy or take the desired action, the digital is only here to broadcast the Message to the users.

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