How Chinese women are doing their make up?

In a country like China, the cosmetics market is always profitable because the image matters a lot there. Indeed, it became the second biggest market of this sector in the world (right behind the USA). Beauty products are even the top online-shopped product, before handbags, shoes, and clothes. The cosmetics sector is thus a good choice of investment in China. It should exceed 50 billion dollars by 2050, according to Mintel’s predictions. But before investing, one should be careful about the Asian trends! As the differences of culture with the West are big, so are their standards of beauty. This is why Chinese women’s makeup style is not the same as ours. Though in the United States, “contouring” is a really popular style of makeup. In China, women tend to like simple and natural styles better. We will now see which style are their favorite for each part of the face:

  • The skin

Before even starting their makeup, Chinese girls will take care of their skin. The smog and massive use of the AC can be aggressive to the skin and provoke drying and irritations. Most of them thus have a skincare routine that they are doing daily so no flaw will appear on their face: moisturizer, cleanser, etc. For these products, they wouldn’t care spending a lot of money. As the quality of the product is highly important, they will tend to trust a well-known brand more and pay the price. They especially like famous European and American brands tested in laboratories. As well as the Korean products, those have excellent quality for a cheaper price. The Chinese products are still struggling in this market.

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Most Chinese women have a « combination » or « oily » skin type, their skin thus tends to be shiny. Oil-control products are thus a real success here. For skin hydration, Chinese women tend to like face masks. You can find some everywhere in China, for a very cheap price overall and usually with a “kawaii” design (panda face for example). One example of a product that is not as successful as in the West is the anti-aging ones. Indeed, thanks to their skin type and their genetics, they don’t have many wrinkles.

beauty product skin cleansing
  • The complexion

The complexion of Chinese women can vary (from yellow to olive) according to their provinces of origin but they generally have a naturally very warm complexion.

Most of the creams and products they use contain whiteners. Since white skin is still considered the ultimate factor of beauty. Indeed, in China, the more one is white, the more he is beautiful! This obsession with whiteness is widespread throughout Asia. Since tanning imposes a long sun exposition, tanned skin is associated with the workers and peasants who spend days of hard work outdoors. The image and opinion of others are very important in China. To look good, it is better to have a pale complexion. It is by extension a proof of social success because it suggests that you are working in an office and not in a field. This beauty trend existed for decades and isn’t likely to stop soon. Even if some young girls start enjoying sun exposure and tanning, most of them will wear an umbrella in the summer to protect themselves from UV rays. This trend is slowly weakening, but there is still a lot of social pressure on it.

In addition to white skin, women all dream of having smooth skin. They must therefore apply foundation, then finish with an illuminating powder. It must be harmonious with the color of the skin (golden or yellow shades) because other shades would give them a look like “ghosts” (white and pink are to be banned). This powder should be lighter and should be applied to the cheekbones, the nose, the center of the forehead, and the chin. This powder is also essential to give a matte surface to their skin. It is therefore very used to erase the shiny areas that occur on their skin throughout the day.

They do not use (or very little) contour, blush, tan, etc.

  • Eyebrows

With the complexion, the eyebrows represent a crucial step in the makeup of Chinese women. Since most of them have very little hair, their eyebrows are generally not very provided. However, the eyebrows can change the appearance of the whole face and give depth to the look. Once made up, the difference is glaring. They, therefore, place a lot of importance on the makeup of those ones. They are drawn to give them more content, sometimes even tattooed. The makeup kits for eyebrows are therefore a great success. As well as all the material necessary to carve, makeup and fix them.

chinese girl makeup
  • The eyes

They have almond-shaped eyes, mostly dark brown. They have very few dark rings under the eyes. Their eyelids are very small but their upper eyelids are broad and bulging. They use very little eyeshadow. But for the ones who use it, purplish, copper-colored, and brown hues look good on them. Eye makeup is rarely too pronounced. But the most coquettish of them use eyeliner to make their eyes look bigger.

Their eyelashes are short, poorly furnished, and tend towards the bottom. Some will use mascara, with the previous use of an eyelash curler. Very few are using “false eyelashes”. However, operations such as eyelash extensions or coloring are often offered in beauty salons.

  • The lips

Most of them have a full and well-drawn mouth. They like luscious and glossy lips. Because they tend to put less make-up on their eyes, they can bet on their lips to create a balance. Regarding the colors, they can wear any type of hue. But the red remains their favorite.

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