How to communicate about cosmetics in China in the modern era?

China, a thrilling market for cosmetics

A market offering lots of opportunities for cosmetics brands


The Chinese skincare market is considered one of the most sophisticated and competitive in the world. In fact, it is the second largest cosmetics consumer market with an annual volume of retail sales of approximately RMB200 billion.

Women especially spend lot of money on facial cares and creams at an earlier age. There are a target really interesting for western cosmetics brands.

 The anti-ageing market, a dominant segment

 anti wrinkles

Healthcare is one of the fattest growing industries in Asia Pacific because of the ageing population and burgeoning middle class.

People look for anti-ageing cares that lift their skin and avoid wrinkles since a long time now in China.

Consumer are concerned about skin lightening and whitening products as well.

This market is set to continue as analysts expect a growth of 9.3% up to 2020.

anti ageing

The communication around cosmetics in China

In cosmetics especially, marketers idealise everything showing perfection and idyll instead of reality.

But now, people are aware about the risks that occur around them and do not believe these idyllic campaigns anymore.

That is why it is time to step into the modern era.


It’s time to change the way you communicate with cosmetics in China

Nowadays, communications around health and ageing in Asia is lagging. Asian people are now looking for honesty and realism. It is time to innovate, to be more authentic and more concrete in this market.

Cosmetics brands should focus on new targets like the youngsters among others. The generations X and Y have to be informed about the risks occurring with ageing and have to take measures to avoid it.

In China especially, girls buy some skincare really early and so this is a huge opportunity for cosmetics brands.

A market to develop around anti-pollution products


As Asia is known to be very polluted the inhabitants, especially Chinese look for anti-pollution products that will prevent pollution to penetrate the skin barrier.  In that way, their skin will stay lifted, white and without any imperfection. That is the main want of Chinese girl.

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