Tutorials are Magic in China for Beauty Brands

The power of tutorials in China’s e-commerce market, particularly in the context of live streaming, is quite significant in China at the Douyin Era …

The Golden age of Tutorial Video in China

Tutorials have emerged as a highly effective format within the live streaming sphere, offering brands the opportunity to engage with audiences in an interactive and informative manner. This approach is especially prevalent in sectors like beauty and fashion, where demonstrations and how-tos can greatly influence consumer decisions.

Live streaming platforms in China have become integral to e-commerce, with platforms like Taobao, Tmall, Kuaishou, and Douyin offering features that allow direct purchases during streams. This integration facilitates immediate transactions, as viewers can purchase products showcased in the live streams without having to leave the app. This seamless experience is a key driver of the live commerce trend in China.

This Brand use this influencers and reach 300k$ sales only with one video.

Yang Huaju, a prominent TikTok influencer known for her expertise in skincare, recently achieved an extraordinary milestone, showcasing the immense power of social media in influencing consumer choices. In an engaging and detailed tutorial, Yang introduced her followers to a revolutionary cream designed to combat facial spots. Her video was more than just a demonstration; it was an informative session that delved into the causes of facial spots, the importance of skincare, and how the cream effectively addresses these issues.

Her presentation was a blend of personal experience, scientific explanation, and practical application, making it immensely relatable and trustworthy to her audience. She shared before-and-after scenarios, highlighted the unique ingredients of the cream, and demonstrated its application method, emphasizing its ease of use and effectiveness.

The tutorial resonated strongly with her followers, as evidenced by the remarkable sales figure of $300,000 generated from this single video. This success not only underscores Yang’s influential status on TikTok but also illustrates the evolving landscape of digital marketing, where authenticity and relatable content can lead to significant commercial success. Her ability to connect with her audience, combined with her knowledge and presentation skills, turned the tutorial into a compelling narrative that effectively translated views into impressive sales numbers.

Yang Huaju’s achievement is a testament to the growing trend where consumers look towards trusted online personalities for product recommendations. It also highlights the shift in marketing strategies, where influencers play a crucial role in bridging the gap between brands and consumers, especially in niche markets like skincare. Her tutorial went beyond mere promotion; it educated viewers, provided them with a solution to a common problem, and offered a product that delivers tangible results, thereby setting a new benchmark in influencer-driven digital marketing.

The success of live streaming and tutorials in e-commerce can be measured through various metrics such as viewer numbers, engagement, watch time, and call-to-action responses. These metrics provide insights into the effectiveness of live streams in capturing and maintaining audience attention, as well as in driving sales.

Moreover, the demographic profile of live stream viewers predominantly includes younger audiences like millennials and Generation Z, who are more receptive to innovative shopping formats and experiences. This demographic shift is also reflected in the types of content that are popular on these platforms, with a focus on authenticity and interactivity.

In fact , the integration of tutorials within live streaming platforms has becomed a powerful tool in China’s e-commerce landscape. It not only serves as a medium for product demonstration and brand storytelling but also plays a crucial role in driving direct sales and creating brand engagement with younger consumer segments​, Video .. douyin, Is PERFECT for that 🙂

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