Douyin Influencers: Who are The Top KOLs in the Chinese Beauty Industry?

Douyin Influencers Who Are The Top KOLs In The Chinese Beauty Industry

Navigating the world of Chinese beauty influencers, especially on social media and short video apps like Douyin (the Chinese Tiktok), can be overwhelming. I get it – with a market worth an estimated 100 billion and countless personalities to choose from, finding the top KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) is no small task.

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into who’s who in China’s beauty industry online scene, sharing insights about big names such as Yang Ge and rising stars you should have on your radar for your KOL marketing.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin Li is one of the top Douyin influencers in the Chinese beauty industry with over 60 million followers. He is known as the “Lipstick King” and has a huge impact on sales.
  • Viya is another influential figure in the beauty industry with followers more than 16 million on Douyin. She can sell products worth millions of dollars within minutes.
  • Cherie is a popular influencer on Douyin who helps shape trends in the beauty industry through her live-streaming content. Her product recommendations often lead to fast-selling items.

Most Popular Influencers on Douyin in 2023

Top Douyin Influencers Making Waves in China

As of August 2023, Yang Ge, widely recognized as Crazy Xiaoyangge, stood at the pinnacle of Douyin’s influencer landscape, boasting an impressive fan base of 116 million loyal followers. His captivating content and engaging presence have solidified his position as the foremost influencer on the platform (he also has a popular WeChat official account).

Securing the second position was the endearing family-style sitcom “Half Past Six” created under the skillful direction of Chen Xiang. This heartwarming series had garnered a substantial following of 69 million enthusiasts, drawn to its relatable and charming narratives that resonated deeply with viewers.

Taking the honorable third place were Ares Cheng and his wife Yan Zhen, who had managed to captivate the attention of the Douyin community with their unique blend of creativity and charisma. With an impressive following, they demonstrated their ability to connect with audiences and craft content that left a lasting impression.

These prominent influencers not only represent the diversity and creativity within the Douyin ecosystem but also underline the platform’s significance in shaping modern media and entertainment trends in China.

Yang Ge

Top Douyin Influencers in the Chinese Beauty Industry

Austin Li

I want to tell you about Austin Li Jiaqi. He is one of the biggest names on Douyin, China’s major social media platform. As a top influencer in the beauty industry, he has over 60 million followers on his Douyin account! People often call him the “Lipstick King.” With a name like that, it’s no surprise he is a key figure in Chinese e-commerce.

His popularity adds big value to brands because when he promotes their products, sales go up fast. The role of influencers like Austin in growing China’s beauty market can’t be overstated.

This booming trade owes much to live streaming and online shopping trends led by folks like him.



Viya is a big name in the beauty industry. This successful businesswoman shines at the top spot on Taobao and is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) that people trust. With more than 16 million followers on Douyin, she has a huge reach.

Her power goes past Douyin, as she boasts 17 million fans on her Weibo account and another 1.5 million on Xiaohongshu. Her magic isn’t just in her words but also shows in sales where she can sell out products worth millions of dollars within minutes!

KKW and Viya Huang


Cherie is a star in the Chinese beauty world. She’s not just any influencer, but one of the top ones on Douyin. With her charm and skill, she helps shape trends in the industry, showing her daily life, and product recommendations.

The success Cherie has had with live streaming is amazing! Products fly off shelves just minutes after she recommends them. It shows how much power influencers like Cherie has in China’s e-commerce market.

Her role also highlights shifts taking place within live streaming. It’s clear that Cherie Li plays a huge part here.

Liu Genghong

Liu Genghong is one of the top influencers in the Chinese beauty industry on Douyin. He has a massive following of 64 million people and has gained popularity by leading fans in exercise through live-streaming sessions on the platform.

In just 10 days, he reached 35 million followers with his fitness content. This live streamer takes advantage of Douyin’s emphasis on e-commerce to promote exercise products. His success has led to speculation about whether other popular influencers like Austin Li will shift their focus to Douyin as well.

Liu Genghong

Dandan Kid

Dandan Kid plays a significant role in the Chinese beauty industry as one of the top Douyin influencers. With their association with other influential figures, Dandan Kid helps promote beauty products and boost sales.

In fact, Chinese influencers like Dandan Kid can sell millions of dollars’ worth of products within minutes. Their impact and influence can be measured using Media Impact Value™ across different platforms.

Notably, Dandan Kid’s partnership with Li Jiaqi, another popular influencer on Douyin, contributes to the successful promotion of various beauty products. Their rising popularity is comparable to that of Yan Hao (@diandilahai), known for entertaining videos on Douyin.

China’s Top Rising KOLs in the Beauty Industry

Yan Hao

Yan Hao, also known as @diandilahai, is a rising star in the Chinese beauty industry. With his witty and fun videos, he has gained popularity on Douyin and become one of the top KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in this field.

Yan Hao’s online presence and impact showcase the power of digital influence and the trends that shape Chinese beauty culture. He is not only entertaining but also advocates for body positivity, representing a much-needed voice in an industry often focused on unrealistic standards.

In addition to his rising fame, Yan Hao’s association with other up-and-coming KOLs demonstrates his influence and potential for future success.


Dong Yuhui

I want to discuss Dong Yuhui, who is a rising influencer in the Chinese beauty industry. He is a teacher at Oriental Select and has gained popularity on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

Dong Yuhui’s association with other rising KOLs in the industry showcases his influence and expertise. His involvement highlights the significance of Douyin influencers in shaping trends and educating others about beauty products and techniques.

It’s clear that Dong Yuhui is making waves in the beauty industry through his work as a teacher and his presence on Chinese social media platforms like Douyin.

Dong Yuhui

Jia Zhang

Jia Zhang is one of the rising KOLs in the Chinese beauty industry. She creates content in various areas of the beauty industry, attracting a lot of attention from fashion and beauty companies.

Jia Zhang is known for her expertise in cosmetics and has gained popularity for her engaging content. With the booming influencer marketing scene in China, Jia Zhang’s influence is growing rapidly, making her an important figure to watch out for in the Chinese beauty industry.

Fil Xiaobai

Fil Xiaobai is a rising star in the Chinese beauty industry. With 12 years of experience, she has made a significant impact on Chinese fashion. Fil Xiaobai started as a stylist but has transitioned into fashion influencing.

She provides valuable insights for brands looking to collaborate with KOLs in the beauty industry. She has also grown an impressive portfolio of luxury clients, shooting with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci. Notably, she’s the only female Chinese influencer who got to walk in Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion show.

Fil Xiaobai is someone to watch out for when it comes to trends and style in the Chinese fashion scene.

Fil Xiaobai

Top Chinese KOLs in Different Beauty Categories

Li Jiaqi (Beauty and Cosmetics)

Li Jiaqi is the most influential makeup KOL in China. He has millions of fans on social media platforms like Douyin and Weibo. Li Jiaqi’s success comes from his engaging live broadcasts and strong social media presence.

He collaborates with big brands such as Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, YSL Beauty, and Chanel Beauty. Li Jiaqi has been recognized for his expertise in makeup and was awarded the KOL Makeup Leader Award by TIME.

His influencer marketing in China extends to shaping trends and promoting beauty products in the beauty industry.

Li Jiaqi

Zhang Dayi (Fashion)

Zhang Dayi, also known as Eve, is a popular influencer in the Chinese beauty industry. She has over 12 million followers on Taobao and is the CMO of KOL incubator Ruhnn Holdings. Zhang owns multiple business lines that focus on women’s clothing, lingerie and underwear, cosmetics, and more.

She has collaborated with well-known brands like Tods and Roger Vivier. As one of the top KOLs in different beauty categories, especially in fashion, Zhang Dayi has a strong presence on Douyin and influences trends in the fashion industry.

Zhang Dayi

Mianyang Liaoli and Dao Yue She (Food)

They have a massive following of over 6 million on Bilibili and they travel across different cities in China to find the best food. These influencers play a significant role in shaping consumer behavior and their collaboration with Mianyang Liaoli and Dao Yue She demonstrates their power and reach in the Chinese market.

These partnerships can lead to selling out goods worth millions of dollars within minutes. So, keep an eye on Mianyang Liaoli and Dao Yue She as they make waves in the Chinese beauty industry.


Zhou Liu Ye and Pamela Reif (Fitness)

Zhou Liu Ye and Pamela Reif are two of the top KOLs in the Chinese beauty industry when it comes to fitness. They both have a huge following and inspire millions of people with their exercise videos and healthy lifestyle tips.

Zhou Liu Ye is known for posting lots of fitness content on social media, while Pamela Reif is also well-known for her dedication to health and wellness. These two influencers are associated with other top KOLs in different beauty categories on the Douyin platform, showing their influence across the industry.

Pamela Reif followers on diffrerent platforms

PDD_Liumou and Misaya (Gaming)

PDD_Liumou and Misaya are popular gaming influencers on Douyin, a social media platform in China. They have gained a significant following for their content related to online gaming.

While the article does not provide specific information about PDD_Liumou and Misaya, it is evident that they are well-known in the gaming category on Douyin. It could be beneficial to explore partnerships with these influencers if your brand has any connection to the gaming industry.

By collaborating with PDD_Liumou and Misaya, you can tap into their loyal fan base and reach potential customers who are interested in online gaming.

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The Chinese beauty sector is notably impacted by influencers on Douyin, commonly referred to as KOLs. These Chinese KOLs wield significant influence on the platform and engage in partnerships with major brands to endorse beauty merchandise.

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